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Fergie out did herself yesterday on the Today show. This fugly butta-face crackhead not only did flips but dry humped the ground infront of 12 year old girls. Check out this video from and you be the judge. She looks crazy and on speed.  I have never been a fan of Fergie, but this crazy lady crossed the line.




Jessica Simpson and Dallas Quarterback cutie Tony Romo split this past week. Rumor has it that Jessica’s Daddy/Manager Joe was disappointed about the breakup. Insider of the Romo family told US magazine That Joe asked Tony to still attend Jessica’s little sister Ashley’s wedding that was held today.  Jess might be lucky in her career but not in the LOVE department.


Since 2006 Jessica Simpson’s accessorie line alone has made over $300million.  Maybe this Daisy Duke ditz is not as dumb as we thought. I  have to say her handbags and shoes are super cute. Check out for some great deals on Jessica Simpson accessories.